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An Overview of LED Module Technology and Design for Home Appliance


The world of lighting continues to undergo rapid changes as the focus on sustainability, durability, and cost-effectiveness has increased the need for green-lighting solutions in recent times. Today, LED modules have emerged as the preferred choice by households, and industrial and commercial organizations due to the benefits they offer in terms of efficiency and ease of use.

However, the main driving factor for LED adoption is due to user preference. With a wide range of colors to choose from, user-friendly controls, and smart-lighting options, consumers can customize their lights to meet their demands by interacting with the lighting.


The Evolving Trends in LED Lighting


In the short period LEDs have been in the marketplace, their technology has swiftly progressed. As a result of these advancements, customers are now realizing the benefits of LED modules, and are more willing to upgrade to LEDs across a number of applications.


1. Higher Efficiency


LED modules are highly efficient with nearly 85% less electricity consumed as compared to conventional lighting. This is due to their high lumen output per watt which makes LEDs capable of turning about 70% of their energy into light, making them much more efficient than conventional CFL bulbs.


2. Better Color


Initially, the early LED replacement lights featured a cool bluish-white color that most people found unappealing. However, modern LEDs maintain high levels of efficacy while offering pleasant cool to warm tones, along with enhanced red and white tones.


3. Smarter Lighting Fixtures


LED lighting modules make way for smarter fixtures. Indoor lighting, for example, incorporates a technology focused on indoor positioning systems that send high-frequency modulation signals via the LED. Ces signaux sont ensuite téléchargés par smartphones et permettent aux clients de disposer d’une location précise au sein d’une installation.


Similarly, outdoor LED modules now provide remote operation and monitoring of all fixtures through a web-enabled central management system that compiles data from sensors and cameras.


Why Make the Change to LED Module Technology?


Les lampes fluorescentes compactes (CFL), dont les modules LED ne contiennent pas de mercure, permettent d’importantes économies d’énergie, last much longer, and offer several options for brightness and light appearance. Besides being more energy-efficient than incandescent and CFL options, LED modules have gained popularity among consumers due to their compact, versatile shape. This provides users with an infinite number of ways light can be used and added to a home environment.



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Refond LED Module produits et caractéristiques


Through years of development and research, our team at Refond has been able to design and develop innovative LED modules that meet the needs of present and future social development in various industries.


1. Ceiling Lights Module


LED ceiling light fixtures are low-maintenance, have a long life span, and allow users to enhance their homes through minimalist and modern lighting. At Refond, we offer ceiling lights with three power options (4W, 6W, 8W), an efficiency of 90-115lm/w, and a view angle of 120-160 degrees to solve the issue of a dark area at the center of the ceiling lamp.


2. COB Led Strips


Our Chip-On-Board (COB) Led Strips features include a luminous angle of 180 degrees, an IP grade of IP20, a minimum bending radius of 500 mm, and a maximum length of 5mm. Relatively new to the LED module, COB LEDs offer many advantages over their standard counterparts. These include:


● augmenter les sorties lumen par pouce carré en raison de leur taille compacte.

● utilisez un circuit unique pour dynamiser les puces diodes multiples.

● réduction du taux de défaillance.

● la perte de lumière est decreased tandis que l’angle de vue est augmenté.


3. Smart Refrigerator Lighting Module


Our refrigerator lighting module can be used in all kinds of wine cabinets, refrigerators, and cabinets. Each module is equipped with a WS2811 IC for single-stage and single-color temperatures. Additionally, different dimming options are available on the controller, which supports single-stage dimming and good color consistency.



Modules LED état actuel et perspectives futures


While many customers are only focused on being able to turn their lights on and off, a large majority of customers want LED modules to be smart, efficient, and visually appealing. As new technologies emerge, LEDs made now are twice as efficient as those made just five years ago. This trend is expected to continue, increasing efficacy and lowering production costs. The adoption of even more LED lighting should speed up as the price of LEDs approaches that of compact fluorescents.




At Re

fond, we continuously strive to achieve scientific and technological innovation, technology leadership, and product differentiation. As a well-known LED packaging solutions supplier, Nous avons établi des relations précieuses et des partenariats stratégiques avec les meilleures marques du monde. our company focuses on Mini LED, Micro LED, AI sensor devices, and general lighting to improve the company's core competitiveness and long-term profitability.


To learn more about our leading technology company and its services, visit us at


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