Embracing the Green Future | Cannabis Horticulture Lighting prefered Refond

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Embracing the Green Future | Cannabis Horticulture Lighting prefered Refond


According to the Associated Press, on November 9th, Ohio voters passed a bill legalizing recreational marijuana. The passage of Issue 2 makes Ohio the 24th state to allow adult use of marijuana for non-medical purposes.

As a short-day plant that loves sunlight, marijuana is sensitive to light and environmental conditions. The regulation of growth factors can alter the content of THC and CBD in marijuana. Controlling growth factors with light is a commonly used and safe method to enhance the content of active ingredients in marijuana. LED plant lighting dominates the marijuana cultivation lamp market compared to traditional high-pressure sodium lamps and fluorescent lamps.

Compared to traditional lighting, LED marijuana cultivation lamps generate the least amount of heat, eliminating concerns about overheating the growth room. This reduces dependency on ventilation and fans, saving 40%-50% of energy. LED lamps can precisely output spectra, combining advanced optical and thermal control designs, converting almost 100% of electricity into plant harvests.

Advantages of Refond Cannabis Lighting
Innovation & Creative

From a technical perspective, modern plant lighting equipment requires high efficiency, reliability, long lifespan, low maintenance, and robust resistance to environmental factors such as humidity and sulfur. Marijuana cultivation is moving towards more efficient lighting devices to reduce energy consumption.

Refond Optoelectronics has been focusing on the development of plant lighting devices for many years, providing targeted module solutions for marijuana lighting, including red and white LED devices. By supplementing artificial light or fully irradiating plants with artificial light, it precisely controls the spectrum and wavelength values at different stages of plant growth, ensuring that the provided LED products have a higher photosynthetic efficiency (PPF/W). This promotes plant growth, increases yield, improves product morphology and color, enhances functional components, significantly shortens customer introduction cycles and costs, and reduces the occurrence of pests and diseases.

Refond is also actively developing and preparing for the overall module technology that combines its own chips with the market demand for plant lighting. Currently, there are module products for different plants. They can meet the professional lighting needs of indoor plants and vertical agriculture, covering the optimized wavelengths and radiation angles required for the growth of various plants and flowers. These modules feature full spectrum, high light efficiency, high PPE (4.66umol/J), high reliability, long lifespan (Q90>36KH), high sulfur resistance, and other characteristics.

Refond's LED cannabis cultivation lamp modules can be used and calibrated at any time to output spectra for different growth stages. Custom spectrum LED marijuana lamps have many advantages, enhancing the photosynthesis of organic compounds and ensuring high-quality, stable, and continuous production of marijuana throughout the year.

Future Development Strategies

End-users mainly focus on four factors when it comes to plant lighting fixtures: spectrum, reliability, performance, and efficiency. These happen to be the development directions that Refond Optoelectronics is dedicated to.

In addition to the reserve of light sources and module technology, Refond Optoelectronics emphasizes high reliability and quality to jointly create invisible guarantees. They customize the most suitable and efficient plant lighting solutions based on customer needs such as different regions, plant types, and growth stages. This not only meets green environmental requirements but is also economically efficient, jointly promoting the sustainable development of healthy green agriculture.

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