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Comment les systèmes de domotique basés sur l’IoT fonctionnent-ils avec des écrans numériques intelligents?


Les consommateurs d’aujourd’hui enjoys un niveau de domotique jamais vu dans l’histoire humaine. Entre les dispositifs de contrôle comme a smart vacuum from an iPhone to having lights turn on as a family member walks into a room, we are living in a world of incredible convenience.


These features are now high in demand by buyers when they shop online or off. If your company wants to keep up with the current competition, you need to invest in quality-made smart digital display solution.


The Components of IoT Based Home Automation Systems


IoT means the internet of things. It refers to the interconnectivity of different products, appliances, and home features like refrigerators, coffee makers, and even a home heating system. Every IoT product or system has similar features that are utilized to increase the functionality or marketing points to increase sales. These include:


M. IoT Controller - This is essentially the brain of the system. It works as a gateway for all the interconnected systems and products in your home. It often requires connecting to a WiFi or Bluetooth system to adequately maintain operations.


M. Smart Devices - These are the individual items connected through the IoT controller, like interactive touchscreen displays on your wall or even the toilet down the hall.


M. Wireless Connectivity - Almost all home automation systems require a local network connection through a WiFi router than can be monitored via a smart digital display.


M. Connected with the Cloud - Some systems like popular Google, Amazon, and Apple devices maintain an active cloud connection so consumers can stream live music or get updated news/weather reports.


M. Real-Time Monitoring - This can be anything from temperature monitoring of the upstairs bedrooms or actively following a schedule when lights should be turned on or off during the day.


How Do Digital Displays Facilitate a User Experience?


Including an interactive digital display into your IoT smart-home automated system increases ease of use. It allows the average user to click on a few options via a smart digital display with a touchscreen to select things like feature duration, scheduling, or turning on/off any options. Displays also allow for more applications of smart home automation like:


M. Networking Functions - We are now living in an era where you can pause the music playing through a connected wireless speaker inside of your kitchen light bulb, go upstairs to use the restroom, and continue playing out of your speaker next to the sink. That is possible by integrating all of these de

vices using a home LAN, manufacturer's services, or the internet through Wi-Fi.


M. Intelligence - There is no more need for active monitoring of many features because we are able to schedule through a smart digital display then rely on the built-in intelligence of the device to function correctly. This could be things like lights turning on when the system knows it is getting darker outside.


M. Openness & Compatibility - The IoT philosophy is to allow different manufacturers the same kind of access to interconnected platforms. That is why you see thousands of developers and manufacturers capable of creating products for Amazon Alexa or Google Play. These companies understand the best way to improve their market share is by offering a more open design platform.


M. Energy Saving - A significant selling point of smart digital display-controlled appliances is that they reduce the energy use in a home. This increases consumer demand because it means lower monthly expenses.

M. Ease of Use - Most home smart digital displays can be operated by young children. The user only needs a few experiences with the device before they receive the total value of the functionality.


Getting Started with Refond Smart Digital Displays


As a leading industry provider of LED and smart digital displays, Refond has been at the forefront of smart home IoT solutions. Our expert technicians and R&D workers have years of experience with optoelectronic design capabilities and products that allow you to differentiate your business from the competition.


We launch products with excellent quality control and already have an impressive portfolio of clients using our products in everything from display screens to refrigerators and beyond. Reach out today to connect with our sales team to learn more about how Refond can help elevate your next IoT product line.

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