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Technologie des modules LED: la dernière Solution pour la rénovation et le remplacement des LED


LED modules work on a simple phenomenon that involves voltage being applied to a semiconductor material. As a result, electrons run loose from the material, and energy is emitted in the form of particles known as photons.


Although a wide variety of LED modules are available in the market, they are broadly classified on the basis of color, form, CCT, and module efficiency. From home interior and exterior to the advertising industry, LED modules give customers endless possibilities to create illuminating lighting and signage.

How Does LED Module Lighting Work?

An LED is a type of diode that turns electrical energy into light. It is an electrical component that flows from the positive (Anode) side to the negative (cathode) side. Since LEDs are diodes, current only flows in a single direction. This means that if an LED is wired backward, it will not burn the system; Il ne s’allume pas.


Due to this durability and low failure rate, LED lighting modules have grown popular among customers from various industries such as:


● fabrication Textile

● chaînes de détail

- Airports/Warehouses

● éclairage solaire

- Greenhouses

● paysage Commercial et design architectural

Applications of LED Modules in Different Scenarios


LED modules are mostly used to illuminate objects and even spaces. Due to its small size, low energy consumption, long lifespan, and versatility in terms of use in different applications, it is widely used.


1. Home Appliance


When it comes to home appliances and decor, LEDs are often used for kitchen lights, living areas, bathroom vanity lights, porch or other exterior lights, tables, and floor lamps. Users can get the same amount of light for less money by switching to more cost-effective LED bulbs for their home's lights.

2. Road Lighting


Assurer la sécurité des personnes et la fluidité du trafic, varying types of illumination are needed on the streets. Apart from being a practical and long-lasting option for cities, LED modules are the future of transportation infrastructure due to their intelligent, adaptable, and cost-effective nature.


3. Therapy for Skin

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LED light therapy is a relatively new method used in aesthetician offices to treat acne, reduce inflammation, and promote anti-aging effects. Through varying LED wavelengths, this skincare technique increases collagen and tissues through red and blue light frequencies that are readily absorbed by the skin.


4. Interior Light


A lot of new homes, buildings, and vehicles are showing up with LED interior lights instead of incandescent bulbs. Retrofitting certain components is a great way to modernize outdated interiors. Additionally, most LED modules can be connected to smart devices, allowing users to communicate with their lighting efficiently and comfortably.


How Does the LED Module Technology Compare with Traditional Lighting?


The greatest advantage of LED interior lights is their long life, which enables them to last as much as 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs. LEDs are also more effective than other types of lights. Up to 90% of the energy used by an incandescent bulb is lost as heat. An LED only makes light with the vast majority of the energy it receives. This is so because an LED uses the flow of electrons to produce extremely few heat-producing photons.

Moreover, unlike traditional lights, LED modules are highly configurable. This means users can change the type of light LEDs emit. Whether customers prefer the warmer lights that are emitted from incandescent bulbs or a virtually limitless range of colors and intensities, LED modules can be adapted to all lighting situations.


Refond LED Module Lighting Solution


Our LED module includes several lighting options.


Refrigerator Lighting Module: The module has high light efficiency, good color consistency, good heat dissipation, and a waterproof grade of IP68. Mainly used for refrigerators, the lamp modules are available in vertical, horizontal, semi-vertical, combined, island, and round island structures.


Outdoor Lighting Module: Our outdoor LED module lights are suitable for urban roads, express roads, main roads, secondary roads, branch roads, and residential area lighting.


Direct Panel Light Module: The direct panel lamp has a very thin thickness and excellent heat resistance performance. It is mostly used in offices, hotels, conference rooms, supermarkets, indoor lighting, and factories.


Mask Instrument Module: Our mask instrument modules have three lighting modes: white, clean, and tender for various skin therapy treatments.


Ceiling Lamp Modules: Our ceiling lamp module solves the issue of the dark area in the middle of the lamp through different power lamp beads and angle lenses.


Linear Lighting Modules: Our linear light module has high efficiency,

good color consistency, and good dissipation. This module is commonly used in factory workshops, car washing rooms, gymnasiums, offices, homes, bookstores, conference rooms, hospitals, and campuses.




Refond est la solution d’emballage LED bien connue en Chine avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience dans la recherche et le développement providing application solutions for Mini and Micro LED display, AI sensors, and general lighting. By establishing deep business and strategic partnerships with first-tier brands, our team at Refond is committed to integrating global resources and technology to promote innovation and development across various industries.


Interested in our LED modules? Learn more about LED lighting, LED backlight, LED display, and LED strips at https://www.refond.com/.

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