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Comparaison de la technologie Mini LED: affichage Direct Vs. rétroéclairage


In today"s modern era, mini culture prevails all around the globe. Whether it"s smartphones, media players, storage drives, or automobiles, mini series are in high demand. The LED display sector is not far behind, and it is evident from the recent trends and debates, e.g., mini LED vs. micro LED, etc., that small-pitch LEDs are quickly capturing the market.


Mini LED technology has reshaped the way LED display screens are manufactured and is being developed in different industries. Based on different application scenarios, Mini LED is mainly used in direct display and backlight. Read on to learn about the comparison between these two application scenarios, future potential, and more.



Mini LED Technology: Direct Display V s. Backlight

Learning about the differences between the mini LED direct display and the backlight will help you decide which option suits your preferences, needs, and budget best. Following are the key aspects that differentiate mini LED direct display from backlight:


1. Working Principle

Direct display technology uses a surface array of LEDs to display pixels. In this way, it eliminates the use of LCD panels and allows for better brightness, better contrast, and vibrant colors. Backlight or backlit display technology uses LCD panels and functions with LEDs organized around the back or sometimes edges of the screen. The lighting is then guided to illuminate the display. The backlighting technology allows for local dimming in larger areas but lacks the pinpoint dimming and better visual capabilities of direct display technology.


2. Application Scenarios

Mini LED direct display is mainly used in the display of more than 110 inches for offices, traffic command centers, security monitoring centers, etc. However, the Mini LED backlight is mostly applied to screens under 110 inches, such as TV, mobile phone, car display, etc.




3. Difficulty of Production

Mini LED backlighting is relatively easy to mass produce because the backlighting technology, in general, is already mature and tested by brands. However, direct display mini LED technology has stricter technical requirements, such as in the adjustment of the gray level of the bead, which discourages many companies from using this technology. Thus, there are naturally certain difficulties in production.


4. Cost

Since direct display mini LED technology presents difficulties in production, leading to increased cost of manufacturing, it is more costly than mini LED backlighting.


Future Potential of Mini LED Direct Display and Backlight

Although mini LED technology still encounters various ch

allenges in terms of mass development, it holds a promising future. Many top brands are already utilizing mini LED direct displays and backlighting because of their excellent performance and visual superiority. For example, Apple has applied the mini LED backlight technology to the 2023 MacBook Pro, and it will invest more in the Mini LED field in the next few years.


It can be expected that breakthroughs in this Mini LED technology can be achieved faster in the coming years. Mini LED backlight is particularly expected to dominate the LED display market in the near future from the perspectives of application scenarios, production difficulty, costs, and other factors. The technology will expand to many sectors.




Despite differing from each other in various ways, both mini LED backlighting and mini LED direct display are undergoing burgeoning development. If you want to take advantage of mini LED technology, make sure to choose a reputed, reliable supplier. When it comes to brands focusing on this particular display tech, Refond is a reliable brand that specializes in manufacturing and distributing mini LED products and solutions. As a premier LED display supplier, we have in-depth knowledge of Mini LED technology, led module light, infrared LED, and more. We are dedicated to the development and distribution of innovative display products featuring mini LED packaging and advanced LED solutions to cover the increasing demands of consumers and retailers alike.


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