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Quelle est la meilleure Alternative pour le Circuit optocoupleur PC 817? Comment en choisir un?


What is an optocoupler? An optocoupler is a valuable semiconductor device that facilitates the electrical signal transmission between two isolated circuits. It offers many advantages, e.g., removing electrical noise from signals, allowing small digital signals to control larger voltages, preventing disruptions from voltage surges, and more. There are many types of the optocoupler. These include photo-transistor, photo-Triac, photo-SCR, and photo-darlington. In terms of product models, PC817 is the most popular optocoupler circuit. This article explores the various features and parameters of PC817 and its alternatives.




Overview of PC817 Optocoupler

PC817 is one of the most popular optocouplers available on the market. It is a standard optocoupler circuit consisting of a photo-transistor and an infrared LED diode that isolates two parts of a circuit and prevents the transmission of unwanted noise and ground loops. In the opto-isolator IC circuit of PC817, the IR LED utilizes the signal with noise as a power from one circuit and then transfers it to another using infrared. The other part receives the signal and then operates according to the specific design of the circuit.


The main appeal of this particular optocoupler is its ease of use. It works well in an electronic circuit for a single task. If you need multiple isolation tasks at the same time, you can use 817 optocouplers with other types of optocouplers that contain IR LEDs and photo-transistors.


Key Parameters, Features, and Applications of PC817

PC817 has most of the key characteristics of a standard optocoupler circuit, and it also contains its own specific features. Its specifications/parameters are as follows:

· Type de paquet 4-pin et SMT

· NPN transisteur

· 80V Maximum collecteur-emitter tension

· 50mA Maximum collecteur actuel (IC)

· disipation Max Collector 200 milliWatt

· 6V Max Emitter- tension collecteur

· 80V Maximum collector-emitter gamme de tension


PC817 is suitable for the following applications:

· terminaux informatiques

· instruments médicaux, produits chimiques, et équipement physique

· appareils ménagers électriques, e.g., heaters, fans, etc.

· appareils de système et instruments de mesure

· transmission de signaux entre circuits de différentes impasses et potentialités

· copieurs, enregistreurs et machines automatiques de vente



The Best PC817 Alternative

PC817 optocoupler circuit is in high demand because of its

ease of use, applications, and set of advantages. However, it is relatively costly. Fortunately, there are several alternatives available, and some of them are actually cheaper with no compromise on quality. Some common alternative options include:

M. PC816

M. PC17K1

Ratio - 816

M. TLP421

M. AK817P


M. SFH615A


Since there are many alternatives available, it is not easy to choose one. For the best value and results, the optocoupler circuit 817 series from Refond is a recommended choice. Made from quality materials and backed by industry-leading research and development, Ce produit ticks toutes les boîtes comme une alternative fiable PC817. Voici ce que ce circuit optocoupler offre:

ü Suitable for household appliances, switching power supply, industrial manufacturing, instrumentation, and more.

ü Fulfill the high standards and requirements relevant to electrical isolation, pulse amplifiers, interstage coupling, level conversion, microcomputer interface circuits, switching circuits, level conversions, instruments and meters, solid-state relays, and more.

ü Capable of full electrical isolation with one-way transmission support. The transmission medium of this optocoupler prevents interference/influence of the output signal on the input end

ü Stable performance, high transmission efficiency, and long overall service life.

ü UL, CQC, and VDE certified


For more information about optocoupler circuits, please also read the feature and structure of optocouplers.




PC817 is no doubt one of the most popular standard optocoupler circuits available on the market. But it is relatively expensive. The good news is that excellent alternatives like the optical coupler 817 series from Refond are available. L’industrie Optocoupler est en constante évolution. C’est pourquoi nous restons à jour avec les dernières tendances et technologies Innovations pour répondre à la demande du marché de la puce d’aujourd’hui. Nous sommes impliqués dans un nombre de futurs projets de développement dans the optocoupler circuit as well as general lighting, AI sensors, semiconductors, mini LED displays, and more. With our reliable product offerings, we bring years of knowledge and experience in the industry to our customers. Our solutions are unique, cost-saving, Et personnalisé pour couvrir tous les besoins de nos clients.


Visit our website to know more about our company and our future endeavors in the industry.

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